Texas Students for Life is the nonsectarian student group at UT dedicated to promoting a consistent-life ethic on campus and around the community. We value all human life and believe all human beings deserve a right to life, to be protected and valued. Therefore, we oppose and work to bring an end to: abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia, torture, embryonic stem cell research, unjust war, and all other forms of aggressive violence.



We regularly host speakers at our meetings so that we can hear from experts on specific and important topics.

Last year this included subjects like: working in the pro-life movement, solitary confinement, abortion’s affect on men, the causes of homelessness and poverty, and many others.

See our topics page to find out what broad topics we take a stance on.

Last year we also hosted two conferences, bringing together a number of diverse speakers united by one theme. Those were the Life/Peace/Justice conference and Boots on the Ground.


We try to help out our community in hands-on ways as often as possible. In the past we’ve volunteered with Austin Pregnancy Resource Center, Hands on Housing, and others like them.


Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from the heavy conversations and just go bowling or share a meal together. Last year we held socials for all of our members, and also had some separate events just for freshmen!


We table on campus fairly often (we even have 2 officer positions devoted to this!) – about 2 or 3 times a month. Tabling is a great way to interact with our UT peers. The conversations we have on campus are meaningful and informative not just to the public, but to our own members too.

We also participate in other activist events when we can, like Students for Life of America’s Sock it to PP campaign.


Last year we were able to put out a Pregnant & Parenting Scholarship to support one set of student parents here at UT! In order to do this and other events again, we need to keep raising money! We’re always looking for creative ways to raise money, and are extremely grateful for any donations we receive.

2017 – 2018 Leadership

President: Alicia Torres

Vice President: Paige Kubenka

Outreach Officer: Marisa Creixell

Tabling Coordinators: Mitchell Clouse & Laura Cuervo


Treasurer: Zana Hootman