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When Roe v. Wade Actually Protects Life

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Justice Blackmun wrote the Roe v. Wade decision

A case were Roe is often applied this way is when the parents of a teenage mother try to force their daughter to have an abortion. Just last December, this was exactly the situation a young woman in Corpus Christy found herself in. Thank God for the Texas Center for Defense of Life.

From TCDL’s Press Release:

“Roe v. Wade and ‘choice’ go both ways… if it protects the constitutional rights of a girl or woman to have an abortion, oftentimes without even parental notification or consent, it likewise protects the right of that same girl or woman to not have an abortion against her will”

~ TCDL President and CEO Greg Terra.

Ideally, we would like to see Roe v. Wade ended. But until then, it seems that the prolife movement can take advantage of the ruling and use it to save lives.

Texas Students for Life works to support mothers and give them other options. No one can force you to choose abortion. If you are in need of legal help on a prolife issue, we recommend you contact TCDL. Texas Students for Life is also here to provide support, though we aren’t lawyers. You can contact us as well.

There’s also another issue at stake here: do you think the prolife movement should seize these kinds of opportunities or stick to the idea that Roe should be ended? Do cases like this jeopardize our ability to eventually abolish Roe v. Wade? Leave a comment below.

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