The Anti-Choice Troll

Today, I was tabling on campus when someone approached me and called me an anti-choice troll. This got me thinking, “Am I an anti-choice troll?” Anti-choice in modern culture is a stance against the pro-choice argument of  “abortion should remain legal.” If that is your definition of anti-choice, then yes, I am anti-choice. But that term “anti-choice” (or, in my head, “without a choice”) stuck with me.

We face choices every day of our lives. They can be as small as choosing what ice cream flavor you like, to deciding if you should take a job or buying a house. We are bombarded with options and choices. Some are small decisions and others are life changing. As I was tabling the words kept ringing in my head “anti-choice”, with NO choice, against choice.

When I think of anti-choice, I think of not having a choice or not giving the opportunity to make a choice. If this is anti-choice then no, I am not anti-choice.

I want to give women a choice. Often in post-abortive women you hear stories about how they felt they had no other choice. If you have no choice other than abortion, then how can you have a choice? Society tells us that being pro-choice is giving women the ability to choose abortion, but I think this is a misunderstanding. Women are often pushed to abortion because they are scared and feel like they have no other options. You often hear, “I had no choice, I was not ready to be a parent”, “I had no choice, I wanted to focus on my career.” “I had no choice, I didn’t want my family to find out”. These are all valid and understandable fears, and I know if I got pregnant today, I would have those same fears.

When a person feels they have no choice it is a crushing feeling. Having no choice means you do not have power over your own life and actions. I do not want ANY women to feel like they have no choice. That is why I am pro-life. I want to show women that they have a choice. They have so many options. I want women to feel empowered when they make a decision. I do not want women to make decisions out of fear.

Choice makes us strong and gives us power. Our decisions may lead to positive or negative consequences but having the ability to make a decision is what make us free. I am pro-life because I know that women have choices that they are not aware of. I do not want women to choose abortion because they have “no other choice”.

Having a choice also means a woman should not in any way be forced to parent if she does not want to. The fears of not being ready to be a parent, not being financially stable, etc. are all honest fears. A woman should not be forced to parent if she does not want to or feels unable to. This is why women need to have options. In these instances, women have the incredible option of adoption.

Adoption and its many choices. How can you say I am anti-choice? Have you seen all the choices a woman can make when finding an adoptive family for her baby? In the adoption process a woman has so many choices. You can be as involved or as little involved as you want. Who will the parents be? What are their jobs? Are they religious? Would the baby have any siblings? Pets? A woman can choose every tiny detail for her baby. She can be in control and have power throughout the whole process. A woman can change her mind and say no at any point. She also has the option to not be involved and have it organized for her. She has so many options. How can I be called anti-choice when I only want to give women more options? Women have time to think and prepare. A woman has 9 months to make decisions about the future family and life of their baby.

I support choices. I do not want anyone to decide out of fear or because they feel they have no choice.

You may ask: Well shouldn’t women have the choice to have an abortion and to end the pregnancy? As I said, I want all women to have choices.

You must take into account the choice of the baby. Will you not give him or her a choice? Will you not give him/her a chance at life? A chance for them to make their own choices and mistakes? Those who say they are pro-choice are the ones who seem anti-choice to me. Not only do they make women believe they have only one choice, abortion, but they also take every single choice from the life within the woman. They do not give the baby any choice or power because they give the baby no future.

I want everyone to have a choice. I want everyone to have power over their lives and their decisions. I want to empower women by showing that they have so many choices and they are strong enough to choose for themselves. I want to give a choice and a chance to every woman, no matter if it has been 20 seconds, 20 days, or 20 years since the moment of conception.


Marisa Creixell is a sophomore studying International Relations and Global Studies. Creixell currently serves as the Outreach Officer for Texas Students for Life.