On this 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, I have a few reflections: There’s no doubt that the Supreme Court decision was a monumental moment in history. Since 1973, over 60 million people have died from abortion (this number does not include the mothers who lost their lives from botched […]


Legislation By Sophie Schott   The voice of the people Powerful words from the powerless Demanding representation After years of neglect   Irony comes in the select- The represented some- The borders of society subtracted Others, considered less than none   Refuse to be a silent majority But wield the […]


Remember Terri Schiavo and her battle for life in 2005? In my busy college life, I sometimes forget… that is until I saw this film from an old friend of mine. “Hungry” is a short film by Adam Hardy that tells the story of Terri’s last few days from her perspective. […]

Hungry for Life