Constitution of the

Texas Students for Life

of the University of Texas.


Article I- Name and Purpose


Section 1. The name of this organization shall be—Texas Students for Life.


Section 2. The purpose of this organization shall be to:


  1. Inform and educate students on Pro-Life issues including abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, and human cloning.
  2. Provide nonjudgmental support and resources to women facing unplanned pregnancies.
  3. Encourage friendly dialogue among students regarding controversial life topics.


Article II- Membership


Section 1. Requirements for membership:


A. All members of this organization must be full-fee paying students of the University of Texas.


B. All members of this organization shall carry a minimum of twelve credit hours. Members of this organization shall be voluntary participants in the organization activities.


C. All members must abide by the provisions of the constitutions and bylaws of this organization.


D. Part-time (registered for less than twelve hours) students of the         University of Texas, alumni, faculty, and staff may be associate

members but may not vote or hold office.


Section 2.  A. All members, excluding associate members, may vote and hold



ARTICLE IV– Elections of Officers


Section 1. Time of elections:


General elections will be held at the final meeting in December. Special elections will be held as necessary.


Section 2. Procedure of elections:


  1. All due-paying members, excluding associate members, are eligible to vote.


  1. Voting will be under secret ballot.


  1. Nomination of candidates: A candidate for office must be nominated by voting member during the specified meeting in the case of general elections or during any meeting prior to special elections.


  1. In the case of a vacant position, the President will appoint an interim officer until the position is filled.



Article VMeetings


Section 1.  Frequency of regular meetings: This organization will meet weekly

throughout the semester.


Section 2. The President/Vice-president may call emergency meetings. Written or verbal notice of organizational meetings shall be given to all members at least 3 days prior to such meetings. Written or verbal notice of special or emergency meetings shall be given to all members 1 (one) day in advance.




ARTICLE VI– Amendments and By-laws


Section 1. Provision for amending the constitution:


  1. A proposed amendment to this Constitution must be presented to the total voting membership in the form of a written motion at least 7 days before it is to be voted on.
  2. Amendments to this Constitution must be approved by Student Activities to become effective.


Section 2. Provisions for By-laws:


A. This organization may approve bylaws for the specific operation of the organization.

B. No bylaw shall be adopted that is contrary to the provisions of this Constitution.

C. The organization may adopt, amend or rescind any bylaw by a simple majority vote of the membership.

D. Any proposed bylaw must be publicized in writing to the members at least one meeting prior to the meeting at which it is to be voted upon.

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